Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2010 Theme: A Celebration Under the Stars!!

Every year Camp CenterStage hosts a theme for its 12-day camp session on Crescent Lake at Camp Agawam. This year's theme will be "Celebration Under the Stars". Some of the full camp songs and performance numbers will be themed around star, both the kind up in the sky and the kind on stage! In addition, our 12 days will be filled with ways to enjoy the stars:

* Twilight swim: Swimming at sunset while the moon is rising over Crescent Lake.
* Games such as Greased Watermelon, Drip-Drip-Splash, Dive for Gold, and What Time is It Blue Whale? are sure to ensue. Too cold for you to go in swimming? Warm up by the beach-side campfire and cheer for your team.
* Drive-in movie: Snuggle up in your sleeping bag as you watch a movie out under the stars and share popcorn with your fellow campers
* Star Gazing: What better way to enjoy the end of a fun-filled day at camp than with a little star gazing? Listen to "How the Bear Lost His Tail" and other legends while watching for shooting stars.
* Acoustic Campfire: CCS talent show "unplugged" - enjoy a coffee house style night of storytelling, guitar playing, singing, jokes, poetry reading and other talents at the Camp CenterStage Twilight Express outdoor theater.
* S'mores Galore: Toast marshmallows to make s'mores, shaggy dogs and snakes on a stick: share your cabin's theme song and listen to the loons all while under the blanket of the stars on the beach.